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Our History

Pursuant to more than 30 years of experiences in int’l cargo transportation and by employing experienced and versatile persons, “Avia plan” is providing int’l cargo transportation services – especially air cargo – in all over the world. By its own offices in some different countries and by cooperation with its associate partners in the world, this company has been able to leave behind brilliant records in this field in which the company is currently working with most of the airlines around the world and has valuable clients everywhere.


Ocean Freight

Given some of our customers are looking for cheaper costs for transferring their big cargos, “Avia Plan” has always tried to provide such shipping by Sea to facilitate its customer business in all over the world.


Transit & Trucking

In modern lifestyle and in a world that most of companies have multilateral cooperation with each other, there is no way to provide the best cargo transit services to keep client business safe and help them to move forward to achieve their goals. All in “Avia Plan” know this well and try their best.

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